Why Is Air Compressor Maintenance So Important?

Why Is Air Compressor Maintenance So Important?


So, your air compressor has been running well for some time. It’s been keeping up with the needs of your facility without any disruption in operation. Do you really need to get it serviced as often as the manufacturer recommends?


The short answer is yes, you should make sure your air compressor receives periodic maintenance. Top three benefits of regular air compressor maintenance include:


  1. Enhanced efficiency:The more your air compressor runs, the more wear and tear that will be put on the unit. Regular oil and filter changes will help maintain its efficiency. You should also make sure it stays well-lubricated for smooth operation. NB Sales and Service Air Compressor Service Bakersfield California Kern County
  2. More affordable repairs: During maintenance checks, you’re more likely to notice small issues with your air compressor, such as filter clogs, hose leaks, or loose or broken connections. These can be repaired fairly easily at a small cost. However, if they go unnoticed for a long period, they can lead to major problems for your unit that are costlier to resolve.
  3. Reduced downtime: By catching problems early on, you’ll reduce the likelihood of a complete shutdown. A poorly maintained air compressor will eventually fail, resulting in downtime and potential financial losses for your operation.

If you skip service appointments, your air compressor may begin to work less efficiently and become less reliable. With proper maintenance, an air compressor can provide your operation with many years of service.

Make sure your unit remains in peak condition. Contact NB Sales and Service today and ask about our Preventive Maintenance programs in Bakersfield.