How to Prevent Compressor Downtime

How to Prevent Compressor Downtime

An unexpected shutdown of your air compressor can result in a loss of productivity for your business, potentially costing you thousands of dollars.  However, there are some things you can do to keep this scenario from happening.


1.    Inspect Your Equipment Weekly


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It’s a good idea to check the components of your air compressor each week to ensure they are working as they should. Check hoses for leaks. Even small leaks should be addressed before they become bigger problems. Look at your filters and clean or replace them as necessary. Remember to drain the receiver tank to keep excess moisture out of your system, too.


2.    Check the Oil


You should also check the oil levels of your compressor each week. Keeping your system lubricated will help it operate smoothly. If you notice that you’re having to add more oil than usual, it could signify a leak, so you should have a technician inspect it promptly.


3.    Perform Preventative Maintenance


The best thing you can do for your air compressor is preventative maintenance. The manufacturer will have a recommended service schedule, and our trained air compressor technicians at NB Sales can go over our preventative maintenance (PM) programs with you to ensure your unit always performs at its best.


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