How to Keep an Air Compressor From Overheating

How to Keep an Air Compressor From Overheating


When your compressed air system overheats, it can lead to a complete shutdown, potentially resulting in major financial losses for your company. However, you can help prevent overheating by taking some proactive steps.


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Update Air Compressor Parts

Over time, your air compressor may not be able to support the requirements of your operation. It will have to work extra hard to function, which can cause excess strain on the unit, ultimately leading to overheating issues. You can keep up with increased demand by updating the system with newer, more efficient parts and components that are capable of managing the workload.


Ensure Proper Ventilation

These machines produce a lot of heat, and that heat needs to be sufficiently ventilated, or it will eventually cause your system to overheat. Have each of your vents inspected by a professional to ensure they are able to handle the demands of your air compressor.


Check Oil and Filters Often

When oil sits for a long time, it can begin to break down, making it less effective at its job, which is to keep the components of your air compressor lubricated and running smoothly. Dirty and clogged filters can also affect machine performance because they restrict air flow, making the air compressor work harder. This may cause it to overheat and shutdown, so it’s recommended to check filters and oil levels each month.


Local Air Compressor Experts

If you think your compressed air system might be overheating, the professionals from NB Sales and Service can help. We handle the air compressor needs of clients across Bakersfield, Fresno, and the surrounding area. Contact us today!