Noisy Air Compressor? Here’s What to Do.

Noisy Air Compressor? Here’s What to Do.


Air compressors are naturally noisy machines—after all, they work hard to keep your processes running like they should. Their operation generates a lot of noise, but there are some things you can do to keep the sound to a minimum. You can:

  1. Install the air compressor in a soundproof room.
  2. Use sound blankets to absorb the noise.
  3. Put the air compressor in a separate space away from the main work area.NB Sales and Services Noisy Generator Bakersfield
  4. Offer employees earplugs when working around the air compressor.

While it’s normal for your air compressor to make noise, there are some sounds you should watch out for. If you begin to hear it making extremely loud sounds that aren’t normal, it could indicate a larger problem with your unit. Excessive noise could be a sign of:

  • Loose or missing bolts on the mount
  • Problems with the pistons
  • A defective crankcase
  • Loose internal parts

If your air compressor is suddenly making strange noises, you should have it inspected promptly to keep any issues from becoming larger problems.


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