Keep Your Air Dry

How to Keep Your Air Dry


NB Sales and Services Air Dryer

Your air compressor naturally generates moisture that can result in issues with your system if you don’t address it quickly. Excess moisture can make your compressor less efficient and even cause the unit to rust, which will shorten  its lifespan. Use these tips to keep your air dry and safeguard your air compressor:

  1. Drain the air tank daily


Draining the air compressor’s tank every day will help keep condensation down and prevent rust from building up inside the tank. The drain valve can be found at the bottom of the tank.


  1. Connect an air dryer


A refrigerated air dryer is a very efficient method for preventing moisture. You connect it to the air compressor, and it will cool the air to a certain temperature, generally between 35 degrees to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The water will drop out of the air and separate. Then, the air is warmed up and directed through the lines.


  1. Use a water trap


A water trap is one of the simplest ways to remove  water. Cool air will come in one side and circulate around the bowl, accumulating water at the bottom of the trap and then draining it out through a filter.


With these  tips, you can keep your air dry and protect the investment you’ve made in your air compressor. To learn more, contact NB Sales & Service of Bakersfield. Our friendly, knowledgeable technicians can help with any of your air-related needs.