Dealing With Air Compressor Moisture

Dealing With Moisture in Your Air Compressor


If left unattended, air compressor moisture can wreak havoc on your unit. These units naturally produce a lot of heat in their operation, which causes condensation after the air cools. There are a number of ways you can address this excess air compressor moisture before it has a chance to damage your system.


  • Temperature control:The fact is, hot air stores more water than cold air does. Reduce moisture by keeping temperatures down in the space surrounding your air compressor. Air Dryer Air Compressor Bakersfield CA NB Sales and Service
  • Air dryer: An air dryer is another great way to control the water generated by an air compressor. Refrigerated air dryers and desiccant air dryers are popular choices for compressed air systems.
  • Drains:Draining your air compressor is essential for keeping moisture out of your system. The drain can usually be found at the bottom of the air compressor tank, where water will collect and eventually cause rust if it’s not drained regularly.

An air compressor that’s been exposed to excessive moisture can develop many problems over time. Internal parts will begin to rust, making them less efficient so that your system has to work harder to perform. This could result in needing expensive repair work, and it can even shorten the lifespan of your compressor.



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