3 Common Air Compressor Issues – Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting 3 Common Air Compressor Issues

Like any heavy-duty equipment, an air compressor is bound to have mechanical issues at some point. Air compressor issues should be addressed right away so that they don’t progress into a larger problem that could lead to a system breakdown. Here are three common issues that you can troubleshoot with your compressed air system.


1. It’s Using More Lubricant Than Usual

When this happens, it could be due to a clogged line or high operating temperatures. You should have the equipment checked for any blockages that could be affecting your unit. If the operating temperature is running high, take a look at the temperature control equipment. The coolers may just need to be cleaned, or there could be an issue with the system that you’ll need to have a professional handle.


2. The Compressed Air Is Really Hot

Your oil could be low. In this case, your air compressor’s parts are more subject to wear and tear, which can lead to overheating and eventual system failure. Check your oil levels and replace as necessary. Also, don’t forget to change out your filters regularly to prevent clogs.

blue air compressor - troubleshooting air compressor issues

3. The System Suddenly Loses Pressure

Your facility relies on a certain amount of pressure for maximum productivity. When your compressed air system experiences a rapid decrease in pressure, it can have a big impact on your operation. There could be a leak in the system, so you should have all the lines and connections inspected and repaired or replaced as necessary.


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