Safety & Your Air Compressor

Safety & Your Air Compressor


When it comes to your air compressor, there are some safety concerns to keep in mind, especially if you or a member of your staff is performing the regular maintenance. Being aware of the following potential hazards can protect you, your employees, and your unit.




NB Sales and Services Air Compressor Safety

Keep an eye out for rust on your compressor’s tank. Rust will eventually corrode the tank and possibly cause it to combust. If you’ve noticed rust developing on your tank, it’s best to have it replaced to avoid a potential safety issue. Drain the tank regularly via the drain valve, which can usually be found along the underside of the tank. Doing so may possibly reduce the risk of rust.




Plug your air compressor into an outlet that has appropriate grounding. An outlet that isn’t grounded properly can damage the electronics inside the system and even result in a fire, putting your staff and facility at risk.




Make sure your facility is well-ventilated to reduce the chance of any exposure to the pollutants that are generated by the compressor’s intake air.


Poor Maintenance


Skipping maintenance checks puts your system at risk. Regular checkups will not only extend the usable life of your compressor, but they will also help prevent accidents. Accidents could happen as a result of rust, loose connections, etc. Each manufacturer will recommend a service schedule, but in general, you should inspect your compressor and perform any necessary maintenance tasks at least once every three months.


At NB Sales, we know that safety is your top concern, so our technicians are trained to identify any potential threats. Contact us today to schedule an inspection of your unit. We proudly serve Bakersfield and the surrounding area.