Spring Cleaning & Your Air Compressor

Spring Cleaning & Your Air Compressor


Now that Spring has sprung, there’s one important cleaning task that you shouldn’t overlook: your air compressor. Keeping your air compressor cleaned and maintained will not only help to ensure it works when you need it to, but it will also keep it running efficiently. When it comes time to perform your air compressor maintenance, remember to handle these three important tasks.


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Clean Air Filters


Air filters should be cleaned and replaced periodically. Dirty or clogged air filters compromise air quality and can damage your compressor over time. Spring is the perfect time to check your filters. While cleaning the filters may work, if they have a lot of grime built up, it may be best to change them altogether to ensure maximum efficiency.


Inspect Intake Vents and Hoses


It’s a good idea to check intake vents for dirt that may have accumulated as it can clog the system and cause damage to your air compressor unit. Scrub the vents of any visible dirt and then use a can of compressed air to eliminate dust. Next, check your hoses for any signs of cracks, rust, or corrosion. All of these things can lead to leaks that would overwork your air compressor, so damaged hoses should be replaced immediately.


Replace Oil


Oil ensures your air compressor will operate smoothly and reliably. When oil runs low, it can put stress on your system, causing it to work less effectively and increasing the wear and tear on your air compressor.  During your spring cleaning, check your levels and replace oil as necessary.


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