5 Easy Steps to Reduce Air Compressor Energy Costs

5 Easy Steps to Reduce Air Compressor Energy Costs


Air compressors are vital for many industrial applications, but these machines can use up a lot of energy in their operation. However, there are some actions you can take to minimize utility costs. Here are five easy steps to save energy:


  1. Address Leaks

Leaks can be a huge source of energy waste. Unfortunately, many leaks are so small that you might not notice them until they progress. This is why it’s good practice to have a professional inspect your system for leaks on a regular basis. Identifying leaks early can save you thousands of dollars on energy costs each year.



  1. Change Filters Often

Many people will use the same filter well beyond the manufacturer’s recommendation. A clean filter is essential to ensuring air quality. When a filter becomes too dirty or clogged, it causes your air compressor to work harder than necessary. To reduce energy costs, filters should be cleaned and replaced regularly.



  1. Reduce Pressure

One way you can cut energy costs is by reducing the system pressure. You should avoid running the air compressor beyond what’s required for your operation. Things like leaks and piping problems can result in drops of pressure, which may tempt you to compensate by turning up the pressure. However, it’s best to have those issues addressed directly to avoid wasting even more energy.


  1. Turn Off System

If your operation allows for it, turn off your air compressor during off-hours. Doing so can cut your energy costs by as much as 20 percent.



  1. Keep It Maintained

A well-maintained air compressor will simply be more efficient. Plus, regular inspections will help catch problems earlier so that you can address them right away. This will help reduce the risk of your air compressor breaking down, which could result in downtime for your company. Ensure your air compressor will perform as you need it to with periodic maintenance checks.


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