5 Myths You Should Know About Compressed Air

5 Myths You Should Know About Compressed Air


There are many “myths” that surround compressed air systems, and knowing the truth about them will help you make more informed decisions. Below, we’ll debunk some of these myths once and for all.

  1. Compressed air is very expensive to use.

The truth is, you can minimize the costs associated with compressed air systems by performing regular maintenance, ensuring your air compressor is the right size for your applications, and using energy recovery methods. hose for air compressor NB Sales and Service Bakersfield CA


  1. Compressed air is safe for clearing dirt and dust away from work areas.

Air compressors work by sending air outward, so they can redistribute dirt at an extremely high speed. This could cause these small particles to forcibly blow into your other equipment, vents, or electrical outlets. In a worst-case scenario, workers could even become injured if they happen to get hit by fast-moving debris.


  1. Skipping a maintenance appointment every now and then isn’t a big deal.

Actually, routine maintenance is crucial to ensuring continuous operation. Without it, you might not notice a small problem with your system until it progresses so much that your unit breaks down suddenly, which will cost you in time and production.


  1. Compressed systems produce dirty air.

In reality, compressed air is generally pretty clean, especially with newer units. However, things like poor maintenance, dirty storage tanks, and dirty surrounding air can influence air quality. Regular maintenance of the unit and the adjacent area will ensure cleaner air.


  1. Patching air leaks is a good solution until you can get them repaired.

To maximize efficiency, air leaks should be repaired as soon as you become aware of them. Air leaks are a top contributor to energy waste for air compressors. Insufficient patching could result in significantly increased energy costs, so it’s best to call in a professional to perform the repair promptly.

Want to learn more about air compressor myths? Contact NB Sales and Service today. Want to learn more about air compressor myths? Contact NB Sales and Service today. We provide air compressor sales, installations, and service throughout Bakersfield and the surrounding valley.