3 Benefits of Regular Engine Tune-Ups

3 Benefits of Regular Engine Tune-Ups


Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure a long-lasting Honda engine. You never know when your engine could shut down, but you can reduce your risk by having professional maintenance performed at regular intervals per the manufacturer’s instructions. Here are three benefits of getting regular engine tune-ups. Hone water pump nb sales and service bakersfield california engine tune up


1. Fuel Efficiency


A well-maintained engine will simply have better fuel efficiency than one that has been neglected. Dirty air filters, for example, can reduce fuel efficiency because it impacts air flow to the engine. This makes the engine work harder to operate at the same level, which will increase wear and tear and shorten the overall lifespan of the machine.


2. Reliability


Regardless of the age of your engine, regular tune-ups will make it more reliable. If you go too long between maintenance checks, you might not know about a minor issue until it becomes a larger problem. Keeping your tune-ups on schedule will reduce the chance of your engine breaking down beyond repair.


3. Money Savings


Poorly maintained engines can result in major repairs and, at worst, even having to buy a replacement if that’s more cost-effective. The cost of preventative maintenance is negligible when you compare it to having to buy multiple replacement parts or a new engine altogether.


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